I meant to post the Mazatlan photos on my other blog, the photo a day one, but that’s ok since I didn’t discover anything exciting today.  😦  But (and I hate it when this happens!) when I was working at the thrift store today a customer bought something that I had been eyeing.  And I decided if I wasn’t going to buy it at least I would take a photo of it.  Well my camera wasn’t in my purse today (grrrrr! I always have it!) so I couldn’t even do that.

What was it you ask?  A nutcracker, but not just any nutcracker.  I collect nutcrackers and I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to add “him” to the collection.  I just didn’t see how he would fit in at Christmas with the others.  Ok, so it was Dracula!  I’m not big on Halloween so I never decorate, except for a jack o’ lantern.  

I think it’s gotten a bit out of control that now people decorate, send cards, and whatever kind of celebrations they do, for every little holiday!  You can pretty much look at your calendar and several weeks before (and that is irritating too!) any holiday and find the “seasonal” shelves already stocked with merchandise for it. 

It’s all marketing and just trying to create a need, where there really isn’t one.  I mean, I will survive without a giant hairy spider!  And sending Halloween cards, is that really necessary?  “Happy” Halloween?  Not sure what there is to be very happy about it unless maybe you’re a dentist?

Ok, off my soapbox.  Hope I didn’t offend anyone.  I guess I’m still kinda cranky that I didn’t have my camera with me today.  Just ignore me, I’ll get over it.  That’s what I tell my husband when I’m having a hissy fit over something, lol!


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