Kirschner's Korner

Daughter: “Mom, is it true people used to pay to see elephants and other animals perform in the circus? The circus we see only has people in it.”
Mother: “Yes, honey.”
Daughter: “Why did they do that? The people weren’t good enough?”
Mother: “No, I don’t think people realized how they treated the animals. Maybe some of them didn’t care.”
Daughter: “Did you ever go to that kind of circus?”
Mother: “Yes, when I was young and didn’t know better. It has been illegal for many years though. The only way to see animals now is in the wild.”


Son: “My history teacher told us people used to eat animals. Is that true?”
Father: “Yes, son. Your grandfather ate animals when he was a child.”
Son: “Why? They didn’t have anything else to eat?”
Father: “No, they did. That’s just what people used to do. It was considered acceptable.”
Son: “I can’t…

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