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From a neighbor.

From a neighbor.

I love old neighborhoods partly because I love older people. It seems almost everywhere we’ve lived some wonderful little lady has befriended me. This sweet lady lived behind us, our backyards divided by a white picket fence. On Sundays after she got home from church she would come to the fence and give us pastries. One day she gave me this pair of pillowcases and told me she had them in her hope chest but never got married. We moved from that house many years ago and I know she’s since passed on. I’m guessing these are at least 80 years old.

Makes me wonder what happened to these couples….

Makes me wonder what happened to these couples....

did they abandon their cake toppers? Did they pass away and insensitive relatives give them away? Did they get divorced and just not want the reminder?

I have my parent’s humble cake topper, just a plain bride and groom, similar to the one in the upper left of the photo. It’s about 60 years old.

We had ours which was made out of blown glass that was “in” when we got married. Doves and whatnot. But it got smashed when a shelf is was on collapsed. 😦