Antique (?) chairs

Antique (?) chairs

Not sure if this is the pair I saw auctioned or not, but they were similar and they described them as antique. They went for $100 for both.


2 thoughts on “Antique (?) chairs

  1. Thank you for your comment and the link! Such wonderful things!!! I’m sure this won’t be my last auction either! I’m fortunate to have this one right in my own little town. It’s very small in comparison to others I’m sure, but that just means less people to bid against right?
    I did bid on a couple of little things in the silent auction, but I won’t know until tomorrow if I won. I’m very excited. And I now have my very own forever bidding number too! 🙂

  2. Hello from Barcelona! I love auctions and I love antiques! Is this your first auction?, I am sure won’t be the last one!!! these pair of chairs, I would say that are antiques… although is difficult to be sure just with a picture (maybe from the first third of s. XX? not really sure…). Anyway, nice pieces!!! If you like antiques, I would like to invite you to visit (

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