Model #3

Model #3

A good looking machine. I wonder how many people use these anymore? Must be hard to get the ribbons. Boy I hated using these. Especially with carbons, what a nightmare.


2 thoughts on “Model #3

  1. Hello! Love your photos! If I found one of these typewriters, the up-cycling crafter in me would be trying to figure out how to cannibalize and use the parts. 🙂 I used to go “garage-saling” with my dad every weekend in the summer when I was growing up (in Kansas). I moved to Britain where “boot sales” were the thing (selling out of the “boot” – the trunk – of their cars gathered in a particular place on weekends) as well as charity shops (aka thrift stores), and now live in Switzerland, where thrift stores are few and far between. I miss the adventure.

    • Sounds like you’ve had lots of fun finding all these different sales! I especially love the “boot sales!” I’m part British and love everything British, so this will be a bit to add to my knowledge and impress my friends, lol!
      And wow, from Kansas (I have distant relatives in Glade, I think that’s what it’s called anyway!) to Britain to Switzerland, how did that all come about?
      By the way my great grandfather had a watermelon farm in Glade, and from what I’ve read (I have a pamphlet about the Gibbs’ my maiden name) he was a popular guy and was generous with his watermelons! 🙂 Thanks for the comment, nice to meet you!

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