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Save the best for last!

Save the best for last!

I guess this is an antique adding machine or cash register? I didn’t look that closely and it was hard to see through the window. I don’t know my antiques or my office machines (are there actually office machines anymore??) so I’m not totally sure.


A great vintage adding machine

A great vintage adding machine

One of the clerks in the store asked me what I was looking for and I said some vintage stuff. He opened a drawer in a file cabinet and there it was. I tried to lift it out to get it into better light but it weighs a ton! Just a bit of change from the teeny calculators people carry today. Well I guess they use their cell phones, but I don’t have one. (Yup, I may be the last person in the world not to have one. I like my privacy. And it keeps me vintage too, which is not the worst place to be!)