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I happened to be there when the lamp sold….

I happened to be there when the lamp sold....

and I think it went for $40 or $50. I’d heard that you can get some great buys at this auction house. It’s about a mile from where I live, I pass it all the time, but this is the first time since I’ve lived here (27 years!) that I’ve gone. Wow have I wasted a lot of time, but now I just have to make up for it. Good thing they only hold auctions once a month!

I went to my first auction today!!!

I went to my first auction today!!!

So much fun! I bid on 3 items in the silent auction. A vintage picnic basket that opens into a small table ($5), a computer hutch, that matches the entertainment center we have, sort of Craftsman style, we will use it as a book case and storage ($10), and a small wooden wall shelf ($5). I won’t know until 2:30 if I won or not, but the auction ended at noon, and as of 11:30 I didn’t have any competition with my bids!