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Creepy (look at that hair!) and overpriced baby doll

Creepy (look at that hair!) and overpriced baby doll


It’s been a sentimental morning with…

It's been a sentimental morning with...

..thoughts of my parent’s wedding cake topper, vintage linens from old friends, and my baby blanket. Now to the reality of adult life, lol!!!!

P.S. Just noticed the sweet sentiment behind the pillow, lol!

My Mexico purse!

My Mexico purse!

On New Year’s Eve I will be in the air heading for Mazatlan! A team from my church is going down to build a house for a young couple living in a squatter’s colonia who are expecting a baby in February! We have been here before and the majority of people are living in shacks, sheds, and just about anything they can find. The father-to-be had started the framework for a house (it reminded me of the stables in the manger scenes at Christmas actually) but someone stole the siding he was going to put on it. I am so excited to be able to help them out! We will build a house in 3 days. The slab is already down when we get there. We (well not me) put together a steel (?) frame, and when we (this time me included) finish painting a gazillion boards, they just drop into slots on the frame. Then the roof and the drywall go up. We paint and that’s it. No plumbing, but water is available sporadically from a faucet in the front yard. I think there is electricity. To us in the US this would be less than a garage. To them it’s a mansion.