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The 3 day house

The 3 day house


Off to Mazatlan on New Year’s eve!

Off to Mazatlan on New Year's eve!

This is the house we replaced on our last trip. We will be building one (in 3 days!) for a young couple expecting a new baby in February. So excited! Will be home on the 6th with a ton of new photos. Happy New Year all!

The new house!

The new house!

Maria and Pastor Ted in front of her new house!

An interesting fact; most of the people who live in this squatter’s camp are employed! Many of them work for the hotels and restaurants in the tourist area of Mazatlan. But, obviously, they are not the ones making the big bucks. Shame on their employers.

I was talking to one little boy who didn’t go to school, apparently some of them do and some don’t. I asked him why not and he said the other kids made fun of him because he was so poor. Breaks my heart.