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The plans for the house we built.

The plans for the house we built.


My deal of the day

My deal of the day

Half price clothes! I’ve been looking for a new denim shirt for ages, this one was $3. The hoody was $1.50, it looks much better on, I like the big buttons on the pockets.

This new thrift store (Second Chance, I’ll explain the name in a minute) has incredible dressing rooms! They’re large, and well lit, have a nice chair if you need to sit, and they are clean. They also have real doors (not just a curtain) with a good lock, not one of those latch things. I find when I go into some thrift store dressing rooms they’re so small I almost get claustrophobic! (Wow, I can’t believe I spelled that without spell check!) And there’s nowhere to hang all the clothes, or to sit down so you don’t fall on your face when you’re trying to get those tight jeans on!

Oh, and the name, Second Chance is because it is associated with a ministry called The Bridge. This ministry is for men with drug or alcohol problems who want to get clean, hence the name, “A Second Chance.” They have quite an impressive program. The men who are graduates of the program, and their families staff the store.
They play Christian music, which is nice for a change, even though I’d much prefer to hear some Black gospel!

And one last thought. They don’t limit the number of items you can take into the dressing room or watch you like a hawk to make sure you’re not trying to rip them off. I guess they think that’s between you and God, as it should be.