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Love this old prom dress! I would have worn it back in the day. :)

Love this old prom dress!  I would have worn it back in the day.  :)

Doesn’t this look like a costume from a horror movie? I can just see the prom queen in it!


Oh Dorothy where are you?

Oh Dorothy where are you?

You seem to have lost your shoes!
I have a feeling that these weren’t originally meant to be part of a costume either. But who among us can’t remember (or see a photo of, which is worse) something we wore in the past that makes us cringe today! I may have more than most! 😉 And sometimes I only have to remember as far back as yesterday. No one will ever accuse me of being a fashion diva that’s for sure!

Anyone remember Cher?

Anyone remember Cher?

This looks like something she would have worn on her head. What you can’t see is the three circular pieces that go around the neck like a giant collar. Believe me it’s pretty awful. We put it out last Halloween and it didn’t sell, and I doubt if it will again because she has it priced too high. The weirdest part however, is that this was worn by the manager of our store. And if you knew her you would know how totally out of character it is for her! And it wasn’t even for Halloween. I would really liked to have see that.