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Ok, so I did manage to find a tacky after all!

Ok, so I did manage to find a tacky after all!

This is purse by some fancy designer. A few months ago there were several that were really cool. This must have been the worst of the lot. I looked up the designer online, sorry can’t remember her name, and she does some incredible work! And has incredible prices, the prices used were at least $200 or so if I remember right. When I find out who she is again I’ll post it. However if there are any fashionistas out there maybe you can help me out!

Anyone remember Cher?

Anyone remember Cher?

This looks like something she would have worn on her head. What you can’t see is the three circular pieces that go around the neck like a giant collar. Believe me it’s pretty awful. We put it out last Halloween and it didn’t sell, and I doubt if it will again because she has it priced too high. The weirdest part however, is that this was worn by the manager of our store. And if you knew her you would know how totally out of character it is for her! And it wasn’t even for Halloween. I would really liked to have see that.