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A beautiful (and expensive) piece of custom made furniture.

A beautiful (and expensive) piece of custom made furniture.

The person/company that made this was on the tag like it had some significance, but meant nothing to me. I suspect it was donated from one of the wealthier Pebble Beach residents. It’s pretty handy that this shop is the most convenient for the wealthier set to drop off their treasures!


Back to the furniture department!

Back to the furniture department!

Well I guess if you’re looking for a giant leather sofa this would be the place to go! I think this was $1500 each, no probably more. I’m going to have to start taking a notepad with me to keep track. However I look suspicious enough moving items around so I can get a good shot of them. People may start to wonder what I’m up to. One man asked me if I worked in one of the stores I was rearranging!

Thrift store or furniture store?

Thrift store or furniture store?

This is what happens when they take themselves too seriously. This is one of our more upscale shops. Obviously someone with a bit of interior design knowledge put this together. You won’t see a lot of photos from here, it’s just not fun! And I think I would have to try pretty hard to find a tacky of the day item here too!