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Another recent purchase.

Another recent purchase.

I love the store where I bought these. They just bag small items and price them all the same. None of the “Let’s look this up on eBay and see how much we can get for it” crap. Unfortunately it’s a bit too far from where I live to shop there often.

Last trip I got a new LL Bean coat for $12.50. REALLY wish it was closer!

I went to my first auction today!!!

I went to my first auction today!!!

So much fun! I bid on 3 items in the silent auction. A vintage picnic basket that opens into a small table ($5), a computer hutch, that matches the entertainment center we have, sort of Craftsman style, we will use it as a book case and storage ($10), and a small wooden wall shelf ($5). I won’t know until 2:30 if I won or not, but the auction ended at noon, and as of 11:30 I didn’t have any competition with my bids!