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Vintage 60’s ? dolls.

Vintage 60's ? dolls.

I love the one in the mini dress!


What I bought today!

What I bought today!

The Discovery Shop (cancer research) is having it’s semi-annual 1/2 off sale. It started yesterday but I didn’t want to stand in line or have to play tug of war with another shopper over something we both want, lol! So I wandered in this afternoon and didn’t expect there to be anything left. I’m sure all the best stuff was gone, but I picked out a few things.
This kitty was $1.50, I have a coworker who loves cats and collects these kind of primitive painted wooden animals. I don’t usually buy him a Christmas gift but at this price, and knowing that it’s perfect for him, I couldn’t pass it up! Last year for our gift exchange he picked me and the next post is what he gave me.

I didn’t realize until I was ready to take the photo that my cat was under the table giving himself a bath! That’s Big Guy our 20# cat.

Yard sale!

Yard sale!

For my neck of the woods (ever notice how slang looks so weird in print?) this is a HUGE yard sale. It took me awhile after moving from the SF bay area to get used to the little sales here. This was actually the annual (I think) sale of the things that didn’t sell from a large animal welfare thrift shop. I got there late and almost everything was $1. Except for the stuff really wanted! 😦